The residential air conditioning system may not be enough to control the humidity and reduce mold in your Swannanoa, NC, home. Gentry Heating, Inc. would like to offer the following advice to homeowners who are experiencing moisture problems. 

Use the following tips to reduce indoor humidity:

• Close the door to the laundry area when using the machines.
• Install a bathroom fan in the laundry room. Turn it on when doing the wash.
• Use the range hood when cooking.
• Reduce the number of plants inside the house.
• Keep doors and windows closed on days with high humidity.
• Have the air duct system inspected and cleaned annually.
• Use a dehumidifier in rooms without air conditioning ducts that show evidence of mold. 
• Provide adequate air ventilation to the attic. This prevents moisture from building up and creating problems.

It is impossible for mold to grow without moisture. Normally, residential air conditioning dehumidifies the air to reduce humidity inside the home. If the system is not working properly, it must be repaired. Maintaining the HVAC system includes the air ducts. If moist air leaks into the attic, mold will grow on the building materials and the ceilings. 

New residential air conditioning technology is available to remove more humidity and reduce or eliminate mold. Gentry Heating, Inc. can install residential air conditioning with high SEER ratings and the Energy Star certification. This helps Swannanoa, NC, homeowners save money on their energy bills. Tax incentives and rebates can help offset the cost of purchase and installation.

Homeowners can have healthy and comfortable homes by following these tips. Installing a new unit with higher energy efficiency will reduce both the humidity and lower the energy bills. There are models that use solar energy as well as grid power. A new, high efficiency HVAC system can also add to the resale value of the property.

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