Spring is here! It’s starting to warm up in Swannanoa, NC, which means your AC system will soon be hard at work. This is a prime time for problems to show up in a ductless HVAC system as it wakes up from months of disuse. Troubleshooting these issues before they lead to failure can save you time and money.

How Ductless HVAC Systems Work

Your ductless mini-split system has two main components, one inside and one outdoors. The condenser unit that sits outside your home supplies refrigerant to multiple air handlers, each handling one cooling zone, inside your home. Each individual unit is a possible source of failure.

The outside unit creates the cooling effect, which it then sends to the air handlers through refrigeration lines in your walls. Problems with this unit will reflect via issues throughout all cooling zones in your home.

The air handlers direct cooled air into their respective zones within your home. Problems with an air handler will generally show in only the zone it covers, but some problems can take down the entire system if not addressed in a timely manner.

Is a Single Zone Not Cooling?

If a single zone of your home is warmer than the others, you need to check the air handler in that zone. Make sure that the display is operating and isn’t showing any error codes, and ensure that the unit turns on when it should.

You’ll want to check for cold air moving when it’s on and see whether the blower is making any odd noises when it operates. If any of these checks result in a negative finding, you’ll need to call for ductless AC service.

Other Issues to Check For

First, make sure that the unit outside is turning on. Check the breakers for the unit if it’s not. Check for built-up debris on the outside unit and use high-pressure air to clean it off if necessary. If you find ice buildup on the unit or it still won’t turn on, you’ll need to call for service.

If everything checks out on the outside, you’ll need to take a look at your air handlers. Check that the displays are good and not showing error codes, and then verify that they’re turning on and blowing air. If everything looks good but the air isn’t cold, you’re probably low on refrigerant and need to call for service.

Call Gentry Heating, Inc. (now Gentry Service Group) to schedule a service appointment if you have any concerns about your ductless mini-split AC system. Our friendly and experienced service technicians will inspect your entire system and perform any needed repairs.

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