thermostat resizedA programmable thermostat is an energy-efficiency partner that you may rely on for comfort when you want it, an energy monitor while you’re at work, and an alert when there’s a system problem. Use this how-to guide for setting the programmable thermostat to work best for you in your Asheville area home.

Why Use a Programmable Thermostat?

Programmable thermostats are designed to offer convenience for comfort and energy savings. Even if you are accustomed to manually turning back/up the thermostat to save energy, there are many benefits to gain from installing a programmable thermostat:

  • Save energy through the night with a comfortable energy-saving temperature.
  • Start each day off right by awakening to your favorite comfort temperatures.
  • On hectic mornings, you don’t have to remember to adjust the thermostat before leaving for work.
  • A keypad lockout feature prevents unauthorized changes to your program settings.
  • Receive system alerts and reminders, such as air filter changes, cooling/heating system maintenance reminders.
  • You can monitor and adjust multiple comfort systems, such as a whole-house humidifier and zoning system, from one central control panel.

Setting the Programmable Thermostat

Setting the programmable thermostat for a consistent and lengthy daily block of time is key to keeping energy bills under control. Consistency is the secret to savings, and it’s a goal that programmable thermostats automatically encourage. Following are programming tips to consider:

  • If you are installing a new programmable thermostat, mount it in a central location away from sunlight and air vents. Make sure it has the features that benefit your lifestyle, and is compatible with your comfort systems (e.g. heat pumps generally require a Startup Recovery feature for incremental heating adjustments).
  • Write down your household’s weekly schedule and note all regular sleeping hours and hours when no one is home (e.g. at work, school or other scheduled events). These are the hours when you should use energy-saving temperatures to your advantage.
  • For the first few weeks, set realistic energy-saving and comfort temperatures so that you are not tempted to use the “hold” button to override program settings. Remember, consistency saves energy.

For more tips about setting the programmable thermostat in your Asheville or Buncombe County home, please contact us at Gentry Heating Inc.

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