Your ductless AC should serve you smoothly without producing loud noises. However, some anomalies in your system may cause it to produce sounds you have never heard. Here are a few noises that ductless mini-splits make and what they mean in Swannanoa, NC.

Hissing Sound

Your ductless AC uses a special fluid (a refrigerant) to relay heat from your home to the outside. When there’s a leakage in the refrigerant line, you’ll start hearing a hissing sound. Refrigerant leaks may cause multiple problems to your home, including increased energy bills, more system wear and tear and reduced efficiency.

Refrigerant leaks are harmful to humans and the environment, so trying to repair them will put you in harm’s way. A seasoned technician can help fix the problem.

Grinding Noise

Your system uses multiple moving parts to function successfully. With time, these moving parts may start producing a grinding sound when friction increases between them. Regular maintenance can help prevent friction. System maintenance involves lubricating certain pieces of equipment to ensure they work together smoothly.

Rattling Sound

This sound is common when you have an aging system. An aging system may contain worn-out parts that become loose, causing rattling noises. Also, debris may enter your outdoor condenser unit and result in noise. Tightening these loose parts and cleaning your outdoor unit can help solve the problem.

Buzzing Noise

Your ductless AC contains multiple electrical components. You may get a buzzing sound when these components malfunction. Trying to make this noise disappear by fixing your system can be dangerous because you may suffer an electrical shock. Only a seasoned professional should make repairs. Loose components, a faulty fan motor and dirty condenser coils can also cause this noise. Preventive maintenance can help reduce the likelihood of future problems.

Contact Gentry Service Group for exceptional service and timely repairs if you hear unusual sounds coming from your ductless system. We will carefully check your system and fix all problematic parts.

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