Are you looking to buy a new air conditioning system for your Mills River, North Carolina, home? You’ve probably heard the term variable-speed in your search. So what is a variable-speed air conditioner, and what are the benefits of it?

What’s a Variable-Speed AC System?

Unlike conventional air conditioners, a variable-speed blower runs at different speeds to control the cool air in your home. It ‘ constantly monitoring and adjusting to meet your comfort needs.

For example, a variable-speed air conditioner will ramp up to top speed quickly on a hot day. But once it reaches the correct temperature, it automatically turns down and keeps your home at a comfortable temperature. It’s also able to take into consideration factors such as blocked air vents or dirty air filters.

Benefits of a Variable-Speed AC System

  • Greater comfort: A variable-speed system adjusts to the actual cooling demand. When you turn on a conventional system, it’ll blast you with cold air. But when the system turns off, it can get too warm. A variable-speed system keeps the temperature in your home consistent.
  • Improved air quality: Your air conditioner doesn’t only cool your home. It also circulates and cleans the air. Because a variable-speed unit is constantly operational, it runs longer and allows more air to pass through it. As a result, you enjoy cleaner air.
  • Energy savings: A variable-speed system uses less energy than a conventional air conditioner. As a result, it saves you money.
  • Controlled humidity: Summers in North Carolina are usually hot and humid. Humidity control is an added benefit to a variable-speed system because it creates a more comfortable environment in your home.

A variable-speed air conditioner may be more expensive than a conventional system, but the benefits outweigh the extra expense. And, due to better energy efficiency, you’ll see a return on your investment. Enjoy cleaner air and a more comfortable environment with a variable-speed air conditioner system.

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