Are you dealing with a faulty furnace? You may be experiencing inadequate comfort levels. Perhaps your utility bills are getting out of reach. You might simply be researching in anticipation of upgrading your system in the near future. Deciding what size furnace to install is important so that you can achieve excellent comfort levels while also keeping your utility costs in control.

Heating Load

The amount of heating activity needed to maintain a specified temperature is known as a heating load. This will vary for every home according to square footage, climate, structural elements and usage. While this can be computed with tables, many HVAC contractors use software in the computation process today. The resulting information determines what size furnace is needed to properly heat the home. It’s helpful to note that sizing relates to the heating output of your system, measured in BTUs. Sizing doesn’t address the physical dimensions of the unit.

A unit that is improperly sized can cause problems with home comfort. If your heating unit exceeds the sizing needed for your structure, for example, then your unit may turn on and off quickly and frequently. This is known as short cycling, and it can lead to excessive fuel usage and poor efficiency levels to heat your residence. It may even cause system damage. A unit that is too small for your home may run more frequently, leading to its early demise. Your home may not reach appropriate comfort levels during extremely cold weather if your heating system is undersized.

Additional Considerations for a New Heating Unit

In addition to considering the right sizing for a new furnace, you will also want to evaluate efficiency levels and compatibility issues. Higher efficiency levels are available in today’s market, making it possible to save money over time through reduced utility costs. Additionally, a high-efficiency unit can be beneficial for the environment.

Hybrid heat systems are becoming popular for areas like Hendersonville, NC. While our chilly winters are suited to gas heating, heat pumps are great for heating on mild days and for cooling during our summers. A hybrid system merges gas and electric system components so that the most efficient fuel choice on a given day is used for keeping your home warm. System controls automatically direct the unit so that the ideal fuel is utilized without the need for you to make an adjustment.

Incentives for Upgrading

As the 2013 heating season begins, the tax year is ebbing away. This is a great time to take advantage of the 25C tax credit if you are ready to upgrade your home’s heater. Eligible gas-operated equipment can earn you a credit of 10 percent of the purchase price, limited to $150, on your 2013 tax return. However, new equipment must be installed in your primary residence prior to January 1, 2014.

If you are ready to have your heating load calculated so that you can have that new system placed, then you can contact the experts at Gentry Heating today. Our Hendersonville, NC team is ready to assist.

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