You likely know that yearly preventive furnace maintenance is essential for keeping the heating system in your Swannanoa home, operating properly and at maximum efficiency, but you may not understand exactly what takes place during a visit. When an experienced HVAC professional performs maintenance on your furnace, you can expect in-depth system service geared toward improving performance and saving you money.

Some of the checks your technician will perform in assessing your system include the following:

Damaged Parts

A certified technician checks the furnace thoroughly to ensure no problem has developed that could affect system performance. Even more importantly, your technician will make sure that there is no threat to safety. Carbon monoxide leaks from furnaces happen quite often. Your technician will look or holes in the exhaust flue and make any necessary repairs. Carbon monoxide poisoning can result in serious illness and death. This presents a very convincing reason to have your furnace regularly maintained.

Electrical Components

All the electrical components are inspected including the thermostat, terminals, and wiring. The technician also verifies that there is no damage to the wiring that could pose a fire risk. Any loose connection will be tightened.

Duct System

The ductwork is assessed for leaks and obstructions and then sealed and insulated if necessary. Making sure the ducts are in good condition can prevent needless waste of heating output, and help to preserve the indoor air quality of your home.

Vent System

The HVAC system’s ventilation is inspected, and floor vents thoroughly cleaned. Your technician will remove the floor registers and vacuum to remove dust and other debris. This helps to improve system efficiency and improve indoor air quality.

The best time for furnace maintenance is now, during the fall season. You want to be sure that your furnace is in good working condition when winter starts. A thorough system inspection will ensure comfort during the winter season. Preventive maintenance approves the performance of your furnace so that you can reduce energy consumption.

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