If you hear your air conditioning system making a loud sound, the type of sound can help you figure out the problem. Since compressors are designed to be quieter than 55 decibels, you should investigate any loud sounds coming from it. Here are some of the most common sounds people in Swannanoa, NC, may hear coming from their AC system.

Banging or Clanking

A banging sound coming from your compressor usually means an internal part has come loose. A clanking sound means either a part is loose or the compressor is out of balance. Either sound means you should turn your AC system off and call an HVAC company.


A squealing sound means there’s a problem with either your HVAC system’s fan or blower motor. Parts may need to be lubricated, the fan blades have become unbalanced or the motor is starting to fail. It could also mean there’s a refrigerant leak or the condenser coil is dirty and needs cleaning.

Having your AC system tuned up annually can prevent these noises from developing. We offer affordable and comprehensive air conditioning maintenance services. Our service technicians can assess and prevent noises during regular AC maintenance.


A rattling sound could just mean that some twigs got into your condenser. It could also mean it’s beginning to deteriorate and will need to be replaced, in which case you will require the services of a professional HVAC company.


If your condenser starts to scream, immediately shut it off and call an HVAC company. Screaming usually indicates a refrigerant leak or too much internal pressure has built up and could result in an explosion.

Is your air conditioner making strange sounds? Call Gentry Heating, Inc. (now Gentry Service Group) when you’re in need of professional air conditioning services.

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