A malfunctioning air conditioner can disrupt your comfort and cause higher energy bills. One major problem that you may experience with your AC system is that it’s blowing hot air. Here are some common causes for hot air coming from the air conditioner in your Swannanoa, North Carolina, home:

Refrigerant Leak

One of the top causes of your system blowing hot air is a leak in the refrigerant line. Refrigerant leaks can occur when:

  • Joints come loose because of heavy use.
  • There are poorly assembled parts.
  • The system has sustained damage.

When a refrigerant leak occurs, you may hear hissing coming from the system. Otherwise, the lack of cool air may be your first indication.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

While it may seem strange, your air conditioning system can actually freeze. When your evaporator coil becomes frozen, it can block the flow of cool air into your home. When it stops functioning, you’ll feel warm air flow as the motor gives off heat.

A frozen evaporator coil can occur when it’s a particularly hot day and you set the AC system to the lowest setting. To prevent this from occurring, keep your thermostat at around 70 degrees and schedule regular maintenance. As a result, you’ll prevent a major breakdown and repair.

Clogged Air Filter

Can you remember the last time that you changed your air filter? If you’re experiencing warm air coming from your vents and can’t, odds are that the problem is a clog. While a dirty air filter isn’t directly the cause behind the warm air, it can reduce the cooling effectiveness of the system. To prevent this from happening, change your air filter according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Once every 90 days is usually best.

If your AC system is blowing hot air, contact us at 828-581-4045 today. Gentry Heating, Inc. will address your problem and get your system cooling your home again.

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