The Carrier Infinity smart thermostat is one of the latest innovations to hit the Carrier line. Designed with comfort and convenience in mind, this smart thermostat will transform the way you handle HVAC settings in your Swannanoa, North Carolina, home. Find out why the Carrier Infinity smart thermostat is a great choice for your next HVAC upgrade.

Multi-Dimensional Comfort

The Carrier Infinity smart thermostat doesn’t define comfort simply as a temperature. It expands the concept of comfort to include your home’s humidity level and indoor air quality. This system monitors all aspects of your home’s air so you can enjoy optimum conditions all the way around.

The Carrier Infinity smart thermostat removes excess moisture from the air during the humid summers, so you don’t have to worry about a sticky home. It manages airflow and ventilation for better indoor air quality, and naturally keeps up with your temperature settings so you can control everything you need in one place.

Energy-Efficient Control

The Carrier Infinity smart thermostat gives you access to an impressive suite of energy-saving controls that help you handle your home comfort in impressive detail. You can control the system both at home and while you’re away by using the associated app. Energy reporting lets you track your use, so you can make smart adjustments for better comfort and lower utility bills.

Weather Adaptation

You don’t have to worry about adjusting your thermostat to keep up with the weather when you have the Carrier Infinity smart thermostat in your home. It automatically tracks the weather, taking these conditions into account when managing your home temperature and other settings. By adapting to the conditions outside, the Carrier Infinity can deliver the most energy-efficient settings possible in every season.

If you’re ready to consider a new HVAC installation for your home, give Gentry Heating, Inc. a call at 828-581-4045. We’ll help you explore all your options, including the innovative new Carrier Infinity smart thermostat. When you’re ready, we provide efficient installation to upgrade your home comfort.

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