Preparing for the unexpected helps you persevere through challenging times. While power outages in Asheville, NC, aren’t common, it only takes one to disrupt your life and lead to significant financial losses. Investing in a Generac generator can help you keep your lights on and appliances running when there’s a power outage in the area.

Why Do Power Outages Happens?

Power outages in Ashville, NC, can occur for various reasons. Extreme hot or cold weather can lead to storms that cause a power outage in your area, leaving you without air conditioning or heating. By investing in a Generac generator, you’ll ensure that your HVAC system operates no matter what. Here are some other reasons for power outages:

  • Car and truck accidents.
  • Animals interfere with the electrical equipment.
  • High demand on the electrical grid.
  • Electrical equipment failure.
  • Downed or overgrowth from trees.

Why Do You Need to Keep Your Power On?

As noted, keeping your power on ensures your heating and air conditioning systems continue operating. This is vital during extreme outdoor temperatures, especially if you have young children or elderly persons living in your house. Here are some other ways a Generac generator will benefit you by keeping your power on during an outage:

  • Prevent damage to electrical equipment caused by power surges.
  • Stop food in your refrigerator and freezer from spoiling.
  • Reduce the risk of criminal activity around your home during blackouts.
  • Continue powering essential medical equipment to protect your health.

Why Should You Choose a Generac Generator?

While the Generac generator offers many benefits to your family and home, it also comes packed with features that ensure it runs effectively and efficiently. The generator can turn on automatically when you’re not home, integrates seamlessly with your electrical system and connects to your existing gas supply to avoid refueling.

To learn more about our generators or to schedule an installation, contact Gentry Service Group today. Our team is available 24/7 to ensure your family feels comfortable and safe inside your house in Ashville, NC.

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