Is your home in an area with a lot of pollen and dust? Does your furniture get dusty right after you clean? Have you recently had any construction projects inside your home? Are your electric bills extremely high? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, air duct cleaning may be important to you.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Your air ducts may be affecting your health. As dirt and grime build up on your air ducts, the quality of your indoor air degrades. Pollutants circulate throughout your household as air is blown through the vents. As you and your family continually breathe the indoor air, you also continually breathe the pollution.Many people are adversely affected by poor indoor air quality. Babies and young children are sensitive to airborne pollutants. Older adults can also be more susceptible to health problems caused by contaminated indoor air. Those who have respiratory problems or allergies can be very sensitive to the quality of the indoor air. If any members of your family are among those who are sensitive to pollution in the indoor air, cleaning your ducts becomes even more of a priority.

Cleaning your air ducts removes the contaminants from the duct system. A professional duct cleaning service also inspects your duct system for leaks. If your duct system is leaking, it is important to seal the leak as soon as possible. The leak can rob you of as much as 30 percent of your home’s energy efficiency. Additionally, contaminants are released unfiltered into the air through leaks and cracks, further degrading the indoor air quality.

Improve HVAC Efficiency

If your home has dirty air ducts, you are probably paying high energy bills. Your HVAC system is probably using excessive energy to keep your home comfortable. Having your air ducts professionally cleaned improves the air flow to your HVAC system and keeps your system energy efficient. Gentry Heating Inc. recommends having a professional air duct cleaning once every two years to maintain optimal indoor air quality.


Gentry Heating Inc. offers professional air duct cleaning services to residential customers and businesses from our sister company in the Columbus NC area. ECODUCTS offers air quality testing and complete air duct inspection, cleaning and sealing. We inspect your duct work and, if leaks are found, we seal them for you.

ECODUCTS utilizes an environmentally friendly cleaning methods and green cleaning products. We offer HEPA filtration system installation and maintenance. We Germicidal Fog Sanitizing service and we install a wide range of air quality solutions for any application.

Comprehensive HVAC Services

When you need HVAC services in the greater Columbus NC area, please give us a call. Gentry Heating, Inc. is a Carrier FAD, or factory authorized dealer. Our technicians are certified and Carrier-trained. Factory training ensures that our technicians are experienced with the newest Carrier technologies. Though our technicians are trained as Carrier experts, they repair and maintain all manufacturers’ equipment. We provides fast, efficient emergency service anytime of the night or day.

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