You rely on your furnace to keep your home warm during the winter months, but it can’t do that if the pilot light goes out. Typically, all your pilot light needs is to be re-lit, but when a problem exists, it will continue to go out. The following are a few of the top reasons why your furnace’s pilot light may not be working in your Swannanoa, NC, home.

A Dirty Pilot Light Orifice

The gas used to power your pilot light must first flow through a pilot light orifice. Once dirt clogs the orifice, the flow weakens. It can get to a point where the thermocouple can no longer recognize it, resulting in the pilot light going out.

Keep an eye on the pilot light’s color. It should be blue. If it’s yellow, it’s often due to a dirty pilot light orifice. Routine maintenance can help you avoid this issue.

A Broken Gas Valve

The valve’s job is to deliver the gas that the pilot light needs when lit. If it won’t remain lit, even with the valve in the “on” position, you may have a broken gas valve. The only solution is to have it replaced.

A Faulty Gas Regulator

The gas regulator controls the pressure of the natural gas going into your home. It’s usually located on the gas meter. If it’s not functioning properly, it may not be allowing enough gas to flow through to keep the pilot light on.

If you’re experiencing problems with your pilot light, we can help. Your pilot light needs to function properly so your furnace can work optimally and keep you warm and comfortable. Call Gentry Service Group today for help with this and all of your heating needs.

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