“Why is my furnace blowing cold air?” is one of the most common questions that our heating and air conditioning service technicians get during the height of winter. Furnaces are complex machines with a multitude of mechanical and electrical components, and one malfunction can lead to a chilly house. If you’ve ever wondered why a furnace is blowing cold air, this troubleshooting guide from our Tryon, NC HVAC team will get you started on discovering the cause and finding a solution to your home heating problem.

Reasons Why Heaters Blow Cold Air

If your home is chillier than expected, and a wave of your hand across the air vent sends a blast of cold air your way, you might be feeling a little surprised. Some of the problems that can cause a heater to blow out cold air include:

  • Incorrect thermostat setting. Your thermostat may be set to the air conditioning function.
  • Fuel supply problem. The natural gas, propane, or oil supply to the heating system may have been turned off.
  • The pilot light is out. If the pilot light is out, there is no way for the fuel to burn and be converted to heat.
  • Dirty air filters. Very little heated air will reach the rooms of your home if the heating system’s air filters are dirty.
  • Malfunction with the air exchanger.
  • Loose air ducts.
  • Ignitor failure.
  • Tripped safety sensor.

What to Do When Your Heating System Is Blowing Cold Air

Before calling for a professional heating system repair, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try for yourself to see if the problem resolves.

  • Begin by verifying that the thermostat is set to heat.
  • Check the air filter and change it if it’s dirty.
  • Check whether the pilot light is lit.
  • Check to see if other gas operated appliances are operational.
  • Open all the air vents and check visible air ducts for damage.

If there’s still cold air blowing out of the heating system, then it’s time to arrange for a professional service call from our HVAC technicians. There could be a mechanical or electrical part that needs to be repaired or replaced.

We understand that no one wants to wait for a repair when it’s cold outside. At Gentry Heating Inc., we offer around the clock emergency services to restore heat to your home. For more information about why heating systems blow cold air or to have your furnace inspected or repaired, give our experienced heating and air conditioning technicians a call at your earliest convenience.

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