energy savings this summerEnergy savings is a constant concern for many homeowners, but as energy bills rise in the hot summer months, it can become even more pressing. Rather than rely on shaky energy myths, learn the truth behind these four whoppers.

  • Myth: Closing registers saves money. Your Asheville area home’s HVAC system was balanced and calibrated for precise supply and return airflow through all of your home’s ductwork. A sure way to throw off the system is to choke off the flow of return air by closing registers. You’ll end up with extremely chilly ductwork, and the central air conditioner will short-cycle (turn on and off quickly), causing unnecessary wear and tear. 
  • Myth: Chill out faster by drastically dialing the thermostat down. Don’t lower your thermostat in hopes of speeding up the central air conditioner. Unless you have a variable-speed air handler, your system works at one speed regardless of the temperature. To maximize summer energy savings, keep programmable thermostats around 78 degrees when home and awake and around 86 degrees for empty house and overnight settings. 
  • Myth: Ceiling fans add to the whole-house cooling. Ceiling fans can bring summer energy savings, but only if you’re in the room. They cool people using the evaporative effect of moving air across skin. They can contribute to energy waste, however, if they run in empty rooms.
  • Myth: Turn the A/C off when you’re away to save energy. Theoretically, you can save energy by turning the air conditioner off, but you won’t be comfortable when you turn it back on. Instead, turn the programmable thermostat up 10 degrees so the system works less frequently, providing economical cooling. 

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