If you’re like most homeowners, a new air conditioner installation represents a sizable investment. To help you gain the greatest benefit in terms of enhanced comfort and energy savings, make sure your professional installer keeps these four key considerations in mind.

Accurate SizingGentry Heating and Air ConditioningGentry Heating and Air Conditioning

If you want to ensure a new air conditioner cools your home properly and efficiently, your contractor needs to size it correctly. If the new¬†hvac¬†system is too large, it will cycle on and off too quickly to cool your home sufficiently or remove enough humidity. That repeated short cycling also puts extra wear on the cooling system, which shortens it’s life span. To avert these problems, make sure a detailed load calculation is done based on the Manual J.

Ductwork Condition

If your duct system isn’t examined and any defects fixed as part of the installation process, you’re risking the loss of approximately one-third of the cooling output of new, efficient equipment. Your contractor should inspect the ductwork and fix damaged and disconnected sections first, then seal all joints and seams with metal-backed tape or mastic sealant.

To prevent needless energy waste and ensure your comfort, it’s also important to have the ducts wrapped with an appropriately-rated insulation product.

Airflow Rates

Each manufacturer provides information on the proper range of airflow rates for their cooling equipment. When an air conditioner is installed, the contractor will check that the actual rate of airflow over the cooling coil is within the acceptable range. If the rate is too low and it’s not adjusted, the equipment won’t cool your home efficiently or effectively. Neglecting this critical step can also lead to premature equipment failure.

Refrigerant Levels

One of the final steps in an air conditioner installation is charging the system with refrigerant based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. This is critical, because operating an A/C with an incorrect amount of refrigerant impairs heat transfer, and this erodes cooling capabilities, increases energy consumption and places unnecessary strain on key components.

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