If you’re dreading the high cost of another season operating your air conditioner, a whole-house fan can offer relief from both the heat and the expense. These fans use just 10 percent of the energy an air conditioner would consume and offer effective cooling for most of the year.

How Whole-House Fans Work

whole-house fanA whole-house fan cools the home by circulating cool dry air from outdoors through the house. You should operate the fan in the morning and evening, when it’s cooler outdoors than indoors. Running the fan for just 20 minutes can efficiently cool your home.

The fan will push hot air out through the roof vents while pulling in the cooler air outside. During the heat of the day, you can trap the cool air inside by closing windows and doors to seal the house.

Where Are They Installed?

Whole-house fans are installed in the attic. Most homes will need additional attic ventilation to accommodate the fan. You need anywhere from two to four times as many attic vents as normal. You also need a winter cover for the fan with a tight seal. Leaving the fan uncovered in winter is like leaving a window open. Always use a certified, experienced HVAC technician for this project.

Operational Tips

  • Only use whole-house fans when the heating and air conditioning are off.
  • Open windows before you turn on a whole-house fan so it can draw air in from outside.
  • Never operate the fan with a fire in the fireplace, as it can draw flames into the house.
  • Whole-house fans are not appropriate for severe allergy sufferers, as they circulate outdoor air which can contain pollen.

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