With so much conflicting information available about HVAC use, and how to save energy, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. Learning the truth behind four common home energy myths can help.

Home Energy Myths That May Be Costing YouGentry Heating and Air Conditioning

  • Myth: Buying the most efficient HVAC equipment available generates automatic energy savings.
    Fact: Even ultra-efficient equipment won’t bring maximum energy savings if it’s not sized correctly and installed properly. To accurately size new air conditioning and heating equipment, have a NATE-certified technician perform a detailed load calculation. The duct system must also be assessed, as leaky or poorly designed ductwork can waste up to 30 percent of HVAC equipment output.
  • Myth: Dialing the thermostat up or down several degrees will warm or cool a home faster.
    Fact: A thermostat is simply a switch that signals HVAC equipment to start up and shut off at certain temperatures. It can’t increase output or make the equipment work harder, but it will make it run longer and drive up your energy bills. To save energy instead, install a programmable thermostat and set it to make automatic temperature adjustments based on your daily schedule and routine.
  • Myth: Leaving electronics, lighting and appliances running instead of shutting them off saves energy and extends their life spans.
    Fact: Turning such items on doesn’t cause a costly energy surge, but they can consume a lot of electricity if they’re left on continually when not in use. In the past, turning devices on and off repeatedly did reduce their life spans, but with today’s technology, that’s no longer the case.
  • Myth: Energy efficient products have high price tags.
    Fact: Often, the most efficient products are top-of-the-line items with upgraded features, and this makes it seem like you’re paying a premium for energy savings. When it comes to highly-efficient HVAC equipment, properly-sized, smaller units can sometimes provide ample heating and cooling. In these instances, opting for greater efficiency can lower up-front costs.

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